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 Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz  Tel.: +49 24 61 / 552 13  info@shiatsu-pferde.de


 Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz  Phone: +49 24 61 / 552 13  info@shiatsu-pferde.de


Horses accompany myself for a very long time in my life. In 1985 I became interested in natural healing and I began to study homeopathy. This was followed by further trainings in shiatsu and acupuncture.

As a naturopath and shiatsu practitioner I offer you the following therapies shiatsu, acupuncture, homeopathy and leech therapy for your horse depending on the diagnosis.

These therapies aim at sustainable, holistic effect and are suitable for horses of all ages. I do pay special attention while on the horse and rider relationship.

Horses respond very sensitively to our emotions, directly and honestly. Our horses are the mirror of our body and our soul.

I would like to visit your horse in your stable and treat on site.

I offer various presentaions and shiatsu trainings for interested veterinaries, naturopath, collegues and horse owners.