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 Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz  Phone: +49 24 61 / 552 13  info@shiatsu-pferde.de

Leech therapy

The leech therapy-gentle bloodletting is even today still supportive of homeopathy, acupuncture or conventional treatment used.

The therapeutic use of leeches is one of the oldest documented naturopathic off line methods. egel_1Through the creation of an artificial opening, there are harmful substances from the body washes out.

The spectrum of the blood fluke is broad and has earned him the nickname “vibrant medicine”. Low blood loss leads to a local decongestion of the tissue, has blood-thinning, anti-inflammatory and directs toxins and metabolic products out. In addition can be found in the saliva of the leech about 20 different substances of different effects and interaction, including the anticoagulant substances Hirudin and Calin, as well as the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory Eglin.

To sum up, the leech therapy works

  • clot-inhibiting and from conducting
  • accelerating the lymph and detoxifying
  • blood-thinning and against thrombosis
  • indirectly strengthening immune
  • Vascular antispasmodic and analgesic

A leech therapy can be useful in following illnesses:

  • Laminitis
  • Neck bruise
  • Swellings after injury
  • Tendonitis and other inflammatory processes