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 Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz  Tel.: +49 24 61 / 552 13  info@shiatsu-pferde.de


 Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz  Phone: +49 24 61 / 552 13  info@shiatsu-pferde.de

About me

I am Bettina Sohnius-Lüpertz. Horses have been my constant companions since early childhood. For more than 40 years now I ride and keep horses and take care for them.

2013 Shiatsu teacher GSD

2010 graduate acupuncture for animals at the August-Brodde school Wuppertal

2008 Shiatsu practitioner for horses

2002 Human Shiatsu practitioner GSD

1998 Dipl. classical homeopathy, international school for class. Homeopathy Belgium / Hechtel

1995 certificate in class.homeopathy at the Zentrum für class. homeopathy Mülheim a. d. Ruhr

1994 licensed healing practitioner working in my own practice.

I am an international teacher working in various educational and training institutes for naturopathy and Shiatsu. (European Shiatsu Institute Münster, workshops in Portugal, Luxembourg, Latvia)

In addition to my training to the Shiatsu teacher GSD (ESI), I completed courses at:

Ian and Anke Benson

Jill Blake

Linda Tellington-Jones
Claus Penquitt etc.

In my spare time, I get envolved in the Association of leisure rider and rider Germany e.V. and am 1 Chairman of the VFD District Association of Düren.